We, Vijaya Industries situated in Katapady, Udupi District in Karnataka State, India started functioning in the year 1972. Initial stage we have started manufacturing, installing and servicing of gobar gas plants in Karnataka and nearby states.

Now we have grown to become a leading non-conventional energy product manufacturer and now we started manufacturing, Installing and servicing of solar water heaters of different capacity. Our products have been approved by BIS, MNRE IREDA New Delhi and KVIC Mumbai.

The number one advantage of using our solar power products, along with our Design & Engineering services, remains our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our advantages include the ability to provide custom solar energy systems to suit specific projects. Quality is assured through customer-inspired testing and quality control procedures that provide the durability, reliability, predictability, and consistency that we have become known for in all of its products and projects.

As we move forward into the rapidly growing world of solar installations, quality and cost effectiveness are our top priority. Utilizing state-of-the-art automation, rigorous visual inspection, consistent performance testing, and additional proactive quality control & assurance measures, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product at reasonable pricing. The bottom-line result is the best valued product within the Indian solar market.

Our Indian made products and in-house quality control of the entire production process guarantees a quality product unrivalled by other solar companies.