Vijaya Biomass water heater
Vijaya Biomass Water Heater Device is precisely designed for better water heating process by using Biomass. Vijaya Biomass fired water heater has compact design with largest heat transfer area to achieve high thermal efficiency. Vijaya Biomass Water Heater the most convenient, efficient and cost - effective option for residential as well as commercial users. Biomass is the renewable energy resources to replace Fossil ( Electricity , Gas, Oil ) fuels directly. You can use firewood, agricultural residues , animal dung, biomass pellets, timber residues , briquette, wood chips and charcoal as fuel and get enough hot water at low energy cost.
  • Provided with efficient combustion chamber.
  • Simple installation, and required less space.
  • Available with mild steel(MS) or stainless steel (SS) inner tank construction with different capacity.
  • Can get hot water whenever required.
  • SS outer cladding.
  • Energy efficient thermal insulation (Rockwool) in order to avoid heat loss.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • A low-carbon emission option ( less CO2 emissions than fossil fuels ).
  • Energy from waste.
  • Solve waste disposal problem.
  • 100 % safe ( Non electrical).
  • Can use affordable bio fuel to generate heat