Improved Chulas
Vijaya Solar

Vijaya improved chulas are developed scientifically, keeping in mind in reduction of smoke in kitchen. Chula is a cooking equipment used mostly in villages, either using coal or firewood. A Chula is a brick/metal cube with a hole in the front to feed the fire and holes on the top to act as burners. Chula construction is quite the art form, requiring careful construction to provide the right draft to give a hot and even source of heat.

The gases methane, hydrogen, and carbon monoxide (CO) can be combusted or oxidized with oxygen. This energy release allows Gobar Gas to be used as a fuel. Gobar Gas can be used as a fuel in any country for any heating purpose, such as cooking. It can also be used in anaerobic digesters where it is typically used in a gas engine to convert the energy in the gas into electricity and heat. Gobar Gas can be compressed, much like natural gas, and used to power motor vehicles. Gobar Gas is a renewable fuel so it qualifies for renewable energy subsidies in some parts of the world. Gobar Gas can also be cleaned and upgraded to natural gas standards when it becomes bio methane.


  • Scientific development of the stove has resulted in reduction in pollution.
  • The stove is manufactured using iron sheets and castings.
  • 1kg of fuel can be used at a time, with 28% optimum energy output (Optimum Energy output for a traditional mud stove is 5-12%).
  • The material used in manufacturing makes the stove portable.
  • Cooking needs of an average size family (5-7 persons) can be fulfilled.
  • The operational life of Vijaya stove's is 4-5 years.

  • Benefits:

  • Smoke free process ensures good health of person doing the cooking.
  • 50% less firewood required than traditional kind stoves.
  • Abundant Oxygen supply ensures smoke free heating.
  • Fuel used is firewood, cow/buffalo dung and other things from agricultural crop losses, it means fuel is available free.
  • In comparison to other similar products available in the market, this stove does not require specialized fuel as it is not affordable for rural households.
  • Zero maintenance cost as other energy source like electricity or specified fuels not required.
  • Lightweight hence easily transportable.
  • Ready to use; no need of installation.
  • By less consumption of firewood, it plays a big role in nature conservation.